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FOC Training Seminars
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Take a closer look at a complex program. 


FOC Training Seminars will be held shortly at various locations throughout Europe. Please watch this space for news. 

Key Benefits

Learn to use FOC efficiently and proficiently for your flight Operations
Spend some days with the developers of FOC and hear first hand how things work
Get flight dispatching experience with hands on planning exercises. 


Basic Operation of Flight Opreation Center
Discover the fundamentals of this product and of flight planning. Installation, setup of routes, aircraft and flights. 
Flightplanning: Long Range Flights
Learn about the North Atlantic Track System, EROPS/ETOPS, Alternate Selection and much more. Never before has such tuition been available to the general public.
Aviation Meteorology
Learn about the impact of weather in aviation. Decode METARS / TAFS, read wind-charts and learn how to interpret satellite pictures. After this part, you won't need to rely on your TV anymore but can build your own opinion.
Aircraft Operation
Learn how airplane flight manuals are set up and how to extract the information you need. Experience the problems of high load take offs and heavy jet operation.

Watch this space for more news on these exiting courses. 

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Last modified: Januar 28, 2004