What you all have been asking for is finally reality. 

Effective immediately, you may upgrade your Flight Operation Center software to the latest actual navigational data as used by the professional airlines around the world. Our data are specified for Flight Simulation Use Only, but they are of the same quality and completeness than professionally used data around the world. For the first time, you can be fully up to date and plan your simulated flights with the real McCoy. 


Subscribe to FOC Navigational Data today to keep up to date with current developments across the skies of the world. 

Note: FOC Navigational Data may not be used for real world aviation. 

Key Benefits

Real world aviation data at an unbeatable price!
28 Day Update cycle available
Worldwide Navigational Database


First download and install the latest version of FOC version 1.24. 

Then register your subscription by using this link: SUBSCRIBE Use your normal login for this operation, do not start a new user! FOC and Navdata must be using the same user id and password to work together. 

After you complete the purchase process, start FOC and the request tool and synchronize. You may need to restart the request tool again after synchronisation for the Navdata Option to appear. Once you can see it, activate it and download the actual cycle. The cycle will be saved on your harddrive and automatically starts an install program. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

After installing is completed, start the Data Import/Export Tool from the FOC main screen. You will find a new window on the upper right hand side which includes all available Navdata Cycles. Choose the latest one to import it. You may cycle between cycles at your desire. 

The new navdata cycles will become available 2-3 days before their activation dates. We will inform you of this via the forum.



Description SKU # Price
One year subscription (12 updates) EUR 99.00
bimonthly subscription (6 updates) EUR 70.00
quarterly subscription (4 updates) EUR 50.00
6 month subscription (2 updates) EUR 28.00
Single Update EUR 15.00

Prices do not include VAT for EU citizens.

Order Navdata updates here!

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Last modified: Juni 28, 2011